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Problem faced in sending emails on other email providers like Yahoo or Gmail



I am facing problem while sending emails on gmail or other email addresses, please help me out, I am unable to create complain ticket on go daddy as well


Hi @Sami123


Thank you for you post. In order to research what may be causing the issue with  delivery we would need some additional information.


When you send messages do you receive a bounce back? 

Do the messages get delivered but go to spam?

Are you using the webmail interface or an email client such as outlook or apple mail?

What email platform are you using? (workspace, cpanel, office 365)

What troubleshootings steps have you taken?


Best Wishes!


1. Yes it gets bounced back

2. No it does not go to spam

3. Using Outlook

4. Cpanel

5. No steps were taken as I don't have info regarding

Hi @Sami123


Thank you for the reply. I would like to offer some suggestions. 


Firstly, try the webmail interface to see if the same result occurs with receiving bounces. If it does not bounce when sending through webmail we can narrow the issue to the outlook. 


For the bounce, look inside and see if it has a code of "552" this would mean that it is getting rejected because something is triggering the spam/virus filters. 


If the bounce only occurs on outlook , try composing a new email ( not a reply) and remove the signature if there is one, and send the message. If the bounce does not occur this would mean that the signature would need to be reformatted.


If the bounce occurs on both webmail and outlook and shows to be a 552 bounce please use the link provided in the bounce email  to submit the original outbound email as a .eml or .msg format so that we may scan the document to see what is triggering the filters and potentially unblock this.


To create a .eml in outlook: Compose a new message, then click the sent folder, then drag and drop the message from the sent folder into the compose window. This will attach the email as an attachment. 


If the bounce you receive is  not a 552 but is generated from our servers please contact our customer services team for a more in depth analysis of the bounces taht are occuring so we may review and potentially narrow down the cause. 


Best Wishes!