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Problem with SMTP configuration in Magento


Hi guys

I am encountering an problem which is: I am trying to turn the email sending feature on in magento 1.9, So I enabled the Contact us flag from the Admin Panel and I set all the addresses.

My Environment is: Server: EC2 , Domain: Godaddy, Magento 1.9

I also added the MX records to godaddy.

But now magento not sending any email when I test contact us page.

Note: Also I setup the SMTP setting from Admin->Configuration->Advance->Mail

Any extra steps, please? I really appriciate your comments

Thank you.


After several days of searching and asking (although I haven't received any answer..)

I found a blog post might be useful for anyone has a problem like me.


Athough the topic of this blog is not directly related to my problem but I can figure out what can I do to fix my issue permanently. And hope it'll help the community as it helped me

Nice day guy!