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Randomly; Workspace Webmail Emails Not Sending

Having a very weird issue with Workspace Webmail. Browser is Microsoft Edge. When I'm logged into my email, and I go to write a new email, it opens a new browser tab (normal), then I type the email and hit send. Then, I get cycled back to the Workspace Webmail login screen. So, I login again and it just takes me to the typical screen when first logging-in. There's no iteration of the drafted email in the drafts folder, none in the sent folder, it just literally disappears and I lose the entire text of the email. The frustrating part is that it happens once every 20 or 30 emails and it's only started happening in the past few months. Yes; I've cleared my cache. But, as this is random, it would appear everything usually works. Ughhh. Please help.


Re: Randomly; Workspace Webmail Emails Not Sending

I have had the same issue for months.  There is another thread on this here: