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Routing cPanel email to GoDaddy email


I need some support regarding my domain email address: I have 2 emails under the same address, and they couldn't sync. There are certain emails that get trapped inside the webmail (from my website's contact form), and I couldn't route/forward them to my GoDaddy's email. Both addresses are identical ( which made it impossible to route one email to another.


Any help is much appreciated.



- Leonard

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Leonard, it wouldn't be possible to have both emails active at the same time since they each require the domain to be set up with unique MX records.  Once you update the MX records for cPanel, the other email address using Workspace would no longer be accessible.  You'll need to choose which version of that email address you want to use moving forward and create a backup of the other one so that you still have access to the messages from that box:  


Please give our live support teams a call if you have additional questions.