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SMTP Relay Issue - Increase by "Buying More Relays"

We're using a E-mail plan for company, with 250 relays / day which is usually fine.  Recently a few email accounts need more for a period, say 750 or 500, so we search for options in Godaddy.


There is only one "SMTP Email Relay - 50 per day*" available, we bought it but unfortunately, it can only increase 50 relays for 10 accounts, 500 extra in total.  It doesn't help our situation, as we cannot freely distribute this 500 relays.


Anything else we can do?  Can we distribute 250 relay to 2 accounts instead of 50 relay for 10?


Re: SMTP Relay Issue - Increase by "Buying More Relays"

Hey @NHSupport

Sounds like you're using our WorkSpace mail accounts which default to 250 per address. Additional relays are available in packs of 50, which you can apply more than one pack to a single email address to increase the limit as needed. 


With that in mind, sounds like you might be using these relays to send out newsletters to your recipients? Let me know if I'm wrong; but If that is the case then you may want to check out an earlier discussion we've already had at: How Do I Increase SMTP Relays For Newsletter/Email Marketing?

If any other members have some advice or suggestions, feel free to share. 

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Re: SMTP Relay Issue - Increase by "Buying More Relays"

No, they're not for marketing / newsletter.   The reason is simply several workers respond to client's queries in routine, which are also copied to multiple recipients at the same time.  While it's the peak of project, the bottleneck of relay is a pain for them.


250 / day is generally sufficient in most cases, but it really lacks the flexibility even when we're willing to pay some more.  Extra 50 / day doesn't help, however, we don't need 5,000 / 10,000 like to e-marketing.


Since the additional relays come up in a total of 500 / day, it would be very friendly if Godaddy let us decide how to distribute.


Sending more than 250 emails a day



is there a way I can upgrade my account to be able to send more than 250 emails a day?

I'm talking about 2000 emails a day.


Re: SMTP Relay Issue - Increase by "Buying More Relays"

I realize this thread is old, but people still look to these for answers and information, for example, I was looking to see if paid email plans had more relays than my free ones and landed here. Since these old threads are still often the source for answers I'll pass along what I know and my suggestions on the subject.


I have a number of free plans with domains I've had for a long time, I use them mainly for my security cameras to send their trigger event snapshots to my Gmail, so these are used for sending only, I don't store anything on them. Normally this is more than enough, however, on windy days flickering shadows from bushes and trees constantly trigger the cameras, when that happens,  the limit of 250 relays is reached quickly. I tried moving the affected email address to another plan but discovered the limitation is connected to the address, so even though the plan had not been used prior, it still showed being at the limit. So I had an idea, if it was limiting the address itself then maybe I could continue using the same plan with a different address. I made a new address on the original plan (free plans are one email per) with one character difference and voilà I had 250 more relays. So if you are willing and able to change the address(es) by at least one character you have unlimited relays per plan. You'd think it would be the opposite, but no, Godaddy limits the relays for the email address, not the plan itself.


This, of course, doesn't work for those storing emails they want to keep on a given address. For that you can use the “buy more relays” solution as suggested here, however, though more cumbersome to execute, there are other possible solutions based on the info above. For those people who regularly need more relays allot them multiple email addresses one primary and one(s) for when they run out of relays (that was basically my solution, since I have many free plans not being used, I set up multiple accounts for each camera, it was simpler to just change the camera settings to a preexisting address than changing both the camera and the plan) or treat a singular extra one as flexible so it can be changed as needed to get more relays. In these cases, you would need to do one of two things to keep receiving replies to the deleted address, have control of the “reply to” so you can set replies to go to the primary, not to an address that can be deleted or recreate the deleted address(es) as a “forward only” to the current or primary. Also, forward anything you want to keep to the primary before deleting the “flexible” address(es).


That, of course, doesn't work for those who are at their limit for addresses on a plan, possible solutions expand your plan to have more address or store saved emails and info externally from their address and treat the primary address(es) as “flexible”, again you would have to have control of the “reply to” or after deleting recreate it as a forward set to the current.


Examples of email address variations:,,,