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SMTP email allowable doesnt change



I had checked that both my emails has a smtp of 247/250 and 248/250. 


after more than 48 hours. the numbers remains the same. 


Can I check how do we reduce it to 0/250? This is affecting me by not allowing me to send any more emails,hope to hear from you soon.




Community Manager

Hi @marcusyap91. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Our mail relays work on a rolling 24 hour period. This means that if you send 5 messages through SMTP relay at noon on Wednesday, those relays will be available again at noon on Thursday. If you were to stop sending email altogether for 24 hours, then the relays should go down to 0. If they don't, then I'd recommend changing the password on your email account to make sure no one else is using it to send mail. If that still doesn't help the issue, then you'll want to have our customer care team review your account. 


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