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Some Company's Can't Receive My Emails

Greet day
my domain mail have a problem that some people cant receive my emails, after sending the mail to the one who i want i receive emails that include this message 

this is an autimatically generated delivery status notification delivery to the following recipients was aborted after 12.7 hours

Reason: There was an error while attempting to deliver your message with
Print Screen :

i have checked that iam sending to the right email address. 
i have check the email size .


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Hi @WalidEissa,

Are you sure they even want your emails? They may be blocking them.

They dont know my company .. i just target afew clients and after contact them and asked me to send official mail and after i send the mails some people didnt receive the emails. ??

Hello GoDaddy


We are having the same issue. Some of our customers are also not able to receive our mails and we get the same error. Can you folks help please?


We send the emails after a discussion with the customers. So they are expecting a mail from us with the proposal details, product info etc.