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Some people are not receiving my email

I have been a GoDaddy customer since 2001. I have a personal domain name that I use solely so I can have a personal email account. Recently more and more people are not receiving email I send them. When I looked up the error code it was, "There was a problem with the sender's domain. Your email failed authentication checks against your sending domain's SPF, DomainKeys, or DKIM policy." When I called GoDaddy support all he wanted to do was sell me an email service that would be hundreds of dollars and said that if I still just wanted to utilize the free email account that comes with having a domain name registered with them that there was no way to resolve the issue of people not getting my messages. Is this correct? Can anyone help me with this?

EDIT: I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird on my desktop to send and receiving email.

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Re: Some people are not receiving my email






In an email, there are two from addresses: the “envelope from” and “header from”. It’s not hard for an email spammer to fake either, which is where Sender Policy Framework (SPF) comes in.

SPF is an email authentication protocol whose sole purpose in life is to prevent email spammers from using a sender’s domain for their own greasy, fraudulent purposes.


SPF breaks when an email is forwarded. If your brand is one that relies heavily on email word-of-mouth (getting your audience to forward your message to friends), there’s a decent chance of the SPF failing validation, and it never reaching anyone beyond your original list.


To resolve your issues, you can ask the GoDaddy team for SPF and DKIM testing.  Spam Testing will also check four major blacklist sites for your brand’s domain so that your email will land in as many inboxes as possible. If your domain does turn up on a blacklist, each site usually has detailed instructions on how to remove yourself from it.


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Re: Some people are not receiving my email

Hello ZulWeb, thank you for your reply and explanation of authentication protocols. Just to clarify, I do not use this email address/domain name for marketing or anything related to business (I don't have a "brand"). The people I know for sure who aren't receiving it are: my sister (who uses email), the local school district, and my auto insurance company. Are there websites or resources that do spam testing? Why wouldn't the GoDaddy support guy tell me about any of this? (I know the answer to that.)

Re: Some people are not receiving my email

I did a test to check hundreds of blacklists and my domain is not on any of them. I did another test at and received these results:
SPF Check : fail
Sender-ID Check : neutral
DKIM Check : neutral
SpamAssassin Check : ham (non-spam)


How do I fix all this?

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Super User III

Re: Some people are not receiving my email



Unfortunately, I don't believe we'll be able to give you the best answer here on the forums. Most of us are volunteers that have no way to access the diagnostic tools that GoDaddy support uses. I would suggest contacting support once more and attempting a resolution.


I will say that the email platform you're currently on is very outdated and will eventually be retired, not anytime soon but it will go away before Office 365 will. 

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Re: Some people are not receiving my email

Hi @Stacey12. It sounds like your issue might be specific to the SPF record for your domain. This is something that more and more email servers are starting to check, which is a good thing overall. For any email hosted with us, you should use the following SPF record for your domain:


v=spf1 -all

For what it's worth, our Office 365 accounts can be set up to use DKIM while our Workspace Email and cPanel email accounts can not. 


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