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Spam - None of the emails received have any opt out notices

We receive an absurd amount of spam daily. None of the emails received have any opt out notices which I thought was required by law. Many are alarmingly deceiving. Is this something that GoDaddy customers experience frequently? I must say I have never encountered this through any other webmail portal.

Community Manager

Hi @emcdonald. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


If you haven't already done so, you may want to take a look at the spam filtering settings available with your email plan. There are a few options you may be able to use to filter out messages. Additionally, marking emails as spam should help our system learn what you want to filter out that our system doesn't catch. Take a look at this Help Center article for more information. 


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I mark spam as spam, Auto Purge by domain, and STILL I receive far, far more spam (from the same spammers) as I did with any other email hosting service.