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Transferring Email to GoDaddy Office 365

I have recently moved my hosting to GoDaddy from another provider. I have the new site up and running with Godaddy and the Office 365 email hooked up. We have kept the domain name, domain name provider and email address. We have built a new site, and scrapped the old one.


I have all of the old emails sat in Office Outlook on my PC, and would like to import them, and merge all the old emails with the new hosting. We have Office 2016 software on the desktop, is there an easy way to download all of these emails, and then upload them to the Office 365 with GoDaddy?


Hello @Alan_Hook!


Thank you for posting. I believe that Outlook gives you the option to export emails to a pst file. I was able to find these instructions on doing that. Then all you'd need to do is import them when you have the new settings setup within Outlook for o365. 


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