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Trash emails being permanently removed too soon

When I delete emails, they go into the Trash folder.  But they only stay there for a day or two and then permanently disappear.  I've looked without success for a setting to control the length of time they are held.  Any clues?

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In WorkSpace email there is a Auto Purge for each folder @lecraws. It sounds like you would like your Trash folder Auto Purge set to off so uncheck Auto Purge. You can access the submenu of the any folder by right clicking. I don't know the specifics of when a purge occurs in WorkSpace email but as far as I know there is only on/off and no specific duration or other section that are user controlled. I hope that helps?




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Thanks, but I don't think that is the issue.  I found AutoPurge on my Trash folder was set to Never.  I went ahead and changed it to 180 days to see if that would have any impact, but I rather doubt it will.