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Webmail closes when composing a message.

I have searched but I am not finding anything on this topic. I don't remember this ever happening until just the past week or so. I am using the google CHROME browser and Worspace Webmail. When I am composing a message the window for the reply / new message will randomly popup a dialog box and say "Do you wish to leave this site?" Whether or not I hit yes or no it continues popping up in a loop until I check the "do not ask again" box. It then closes out the entire reply / compose window and refreshes my main worspace / inbox. 


This is very frustrating as I have had to re-type almost every E-Mail I have sent lately. I am not sure if this happens with internet explorer. I will test. This is my default browser though and it's causing a lot of problems!!! Anyone know how to fix this, or is it on GoDaddy's end?

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Hi @LTA-Tyler,

Been hearing a lot of problems (teething problems) with Chrome. Switch your browser and see if that helps.

Same thing In Microsoft edge. It also keeps rebooting the site every time I click on anything

Same problem, using Chrome. Driving me nuts. Please respond.

Yes, I need an answer to this problem also. I don't like the "Switch to another browser" suggestion. It should work!

Last 7 days unable to compose e-mail in Godaddy, workspace, chrome.  Spoke with GoDaddy Customer service, no real help, suggested using another browser, but still it does not work.  Associate in office, does have the issue composing.  Searching GoDaddy Community and web in general, no fixes.  It appears this issue has arisen since 2009, with no resolution/fixes posted...what the heck???

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Hi @cspencer. Thanks for posting. I have not seen this issue personally. I'm able to compose and use the webmail interface with Chrome (71) without issue. Often issues like this are caused either by browser caching or a conflict with a browser plugin/extension. I'd suggest trying Chrome incognito if you haven't already done so. That runs without your cache/cookies or any extensions. Another thing you can try is changing your webmail version (for Workspace Email). You can do that by clicking the Classic View or Updated View link in the upper right corner. If this is happening on all browsers, then it's more than likely an issue with your computer or network, which would be much harder to troubleshoot on a forum. 


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