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What Program Does Email Essentials Use?

Hi everyone! I'm looking to set up an email address for use with MailChimp so that my shop's newsletters actually get to the recipients. So far I've been using Gmail.


I've read the FAQ & comparison on the different packages supplied by GoDaddy and I keep seeing mention of Microsoft Office.


I don't have any version of it installed on my computer, so I'm concerned that if I buy an email address to go with the domain name I've already purchased and utilised from GoDaddy, I won't be able to access it.


Will I be able to access my GoDaddy email through a login on GoDaddy's website, or will an email program for sending and receiving via that email address be included for download and installation on at least 1 device with the Email Essentials option?


about email essentials plan

professional email address and 5 gb for 3.49$ monthely

it says one user does this mean

my domain is 

i m asking about if

* i will have only one email address we can say


* i will have a lot of email address for this domain

if this is the answer hoe much emails i can have

also i will have different user ids to log to this email or not


did you get the answer, regarding how many email per domain 


Hey @MythOfTheWild,


Not sure if you already worked this out on your own, but the plan is powered by Office 365. Meaning the email address will be similar to an Office 365 email account where you can access it online via webmail or through an email client such as Outlook. 


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No, still not got the answer, how many physical emails can I send daily or hourly?

Thank you

Email Essentials how many daily?

No, still not got the answer, how many physical emails can I send daily or hourly?

It scares me that godaddy never answers basic questions like this!

I had this basic same problem for my job.  I have to help a company send outbound emails from our software we write and the gives a permanent ban on any account sending email to itself, or sending from a non-admin account.  Also found out that you can send up to 30 emails per second.  It may vary based on the accounts as my account is not business, and theirs was.  This information is on the Microsoft knowledgebase website, not on go-daddy.

Helper I

How many emails can be sent a day with this package please? £3.99 a month Email Essentials