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android email will not send...

i have a moto x (Verizon is the service provider), i'm trying to use K9 for my mobile mail. receiving mail works fine. it just won't send.


i'm using as the SMTP server, security is 'none' (STARTTLS, SSL/TLS, None) , port 80, require sign-in is checked, username is the full email address that godaddy hosts and the PW is the one associated to that account and email address. authentication is 'password, transmitted insecurely' (other options are Encrypted password, Client certificate). there are no typos and everything is entered correctly. i've messed with security and authentication settings, ports and mixed and matched every option i could think of. i get 'failed to send some messages, Negative SMTP reply: 550' as the most common error message.


i've not found any help reading any other forums or when searching the web.


any help would be appreciated.




Helper V

Always use SSL/TLS for configuring email account via POP3 or IMAP.


You'll find all setting in Email Accounts section of your Control Panel. Also cross-check your MX Entries and DNS Records.


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Good Day Harry,

I still get a 'Negitive SMPT reply: 550...' error.. i can receive (works perfect) but not send. mail sends fine from outlook on my laptop. on the Moto x  in the send setup i check the SSL/TLS under the security pull down (options are none, SSL/TLS, STARTTLS), port set to 465. i check 'require sign-in' and enter my full godaddy supported email address and PW. under authentication i have 'normal password'. when i hit 'next' it closes the panel normally. but when i try to send i get the same  errors.


can you please explain what you mean by "Also cross-check your MX Entries and DNS Records."




MX records are special DNS Entries used for sending and receiving of emails. It act's same as general dns .... I suggest you call up Godaddy and ask them to help you reset your DNS as well as MX Records.

Please give it a +1 and also click "Mark As Accepted Solution" if you find it satisfactory. Thanking You With Regards | Harry Parmar

SSL is the key.  Thanks I had to make sure it was checked for both incoming and outgoing.  Works now on my phone.


Setting up email - Android
 I can view and receive mail, but cannot send mail. The apps tell me there is an error with the outgoing settings.

I've tried multiple mail apps on my phone, and they all end up with the same result. My gmail, office365 and yahoo emails all work correctly as always, just not the godaddy account.

This was never a problem until about a month ago when I was prompted to change my godaddy password due to a possible security breach.