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problems receiving emails today 9-25-2017


Anyone having email issues receiving email this afternoon? Haven't had any for hours and tested it with gmail account. I can send from godaddy but not receive.

Thank you

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I'm not getting e-mails this morning are you doing a update?

Email not working here either

Same! What is going on?

Still out here at 13:44 EDT, US.   Outgoing is fine to other accounts, incoming still nothing since 0453 this morning on mine, and 80-plus minute delays on SOME incoming on other company accounts.

No emails all day. I found out from a customer who sent a PO early this morning.

I called and was advised hold time is 17 minutes.  Unable to receive emails

NO emails Help

I need to run a business, how much ,longer????

We have had no email all day here in southern NV.  Quarter to 1, and nothing.   

I am not receiving any emails either. What is the problem?

Emails aren't being received today at all on my godaddy email.  What's going on?!?

I was suppose to receive important emails from my client, not receiving any emails

We are not receiving either!! Not sure what's going on. Hard to business on a Monday morning with NO EMAIL!

Same here, 2 domains with IMAP email, not receiving anything this morning.  I sent a test email with nothing but a short text, from a domain on a different provider to my domain that is hosted by godaddy, and it hasn't been received 12 minutes later.  


I haven't been able to send or receive emails in the past 3 hours

We are not receiving any emails this morning either.

Our email is not working either.

Funny, System Status says everything is a-okay!? Not

VIA Twitter

The issue has been addressed. Service should return to normal within the next hour. Let us know if you see otherwise. Sorry^W

I am not getting any emails in or out from my account since 7:20 am today 9-25-17.

not receiving here either!!!