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problems receiving emails today 9-25-2017


Anyone having email issues receiving email this afternoon? Haven't had any for hours and tested it with gmail account. I can send from godaddy but not receive.

Thank you

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Still not getting anything two hours after resolve.

Emails are still been held up. Only received couple of emails since yesterday. Getting calls for not responding to emails that I have not received.

We are still not able to send or receive any emails through the server. I know there appears to be an outage. Is there an estimate for when they will be back up?

@Tooldesigner wrote:

VIA Twitter

The issue has been addressed. Service should return to normal within the next hour. Let us know if you see otherwise. Sorry^W

5 hours later and still no email!

Still waiting for email sent from Yahoo, Gmail and Netaddress all of which received the others email.

Tried to call 480 505 8877 but it is constantly busy.

Paid for the next year's subscription yesterday, perhaps I'm in time to cancel that 😉

Msgs sent at 2:47pm arrived at all other email addresses at 2:48 but only just arrived at GoDaddy account 3:31pm. Still get busy signal from their helpline.

We have been down all day.  On a Monday, this is not good.  We have a marketing campaign and we have no way to communicate.  Our clients are getting upset.  

What will happen to emails sent to my addresses while Godaddy was messed up? If they are lost forever and I incur damages as a result of GoDaddy’s failure will GoDaddy make me whole?

We haven't been able to send or receive since Friday on a couple of the email addresses we have in the office but others are not having any problems.  I noticed this problem with our catch-all account two weeks ago and still have not been able to resolve after talking with two different representatives. Please help.





Last week they deleted all the data in our databases and basically said nothing more then sorry nothing we can do at this point. Now the email servers are not working! What type of clown is working over there..

My outgoing and incoming emails are not working either.  

I am still not receiving any emails, are you up and running?

Email is still down.  Not receiving any.  I was also not receiving them last week timely and would get them in batches quite late.

The issue continues as of 11:48 GMT-5.  No answer from GoDaddy ?

Any emails I get are at least 2 hours after they've been sent. Many don't come through at all. As of 1:32---these issues continue.

I'm having issues with this too... What gives?

Same Here.... Nothing in inbox since 8:25AM EST  Now outgoing is jacked up.


Come on GoDaddy, get it together it's a Monday and we have work to do!

Email is not working for us either. Last email we got was on Sunday

10:45 AM PST  currently on hold...wait time est. 12 emails here at  all today in our office

Just got off phone with Support @Go Daddy  "working on it, don't have estimate when back up but hope soon"    

Are emails going to be eventually delivered or are they lost in the cyber world never to be received? I've been out since 1105am EST