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problems receiving emails today 9-25-2017


Anyone having email issues receiving email this afternoon? Haven't had any for hours and tested it with gmail account. I can send from godaddy but not receive.

Thank you

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Last email received at 11:17 EST, none since then.  Normally receive a steady flow...

That depends.  If GoDaddy is actually receiving them but just having issues doling them out to the correct accounts, we should eventually get them.


However, if GoDaddy's email servers were not reachable when the sending server tried to send, the sending server will usually retry a certain number of times over a period of hours.  The number of retries, length between retries and amount of time allowed before "giving up" depends on how each server is set up.  Bottom line, if it is the second possibility (that the emails are not being received by GoDaddy), the longer the outage lasts, the more emails will never be delivered.

From what I can see, other email servers can establish an initial TCP connection to the receiving email servers but cannot transfer email messages because the servers are either not responding to SMTP commands or responding so slowly that the connection eventually times out.  This means that the sending email server will keep retrying for their retry period, which is typically 2-3 days.  (The exception is spammers that try only once, then fail, so there is a slight upside to this!)  You should eventually receive all of your email.

Victor S.

What is going on with email?  Very slow today or not working at all.  I see others also are having problems.  Any idea when it will be fixed?  What is the problem?

10:47 PST - Our email has been down since 8:30 PST - still not resolved and can't get any answers. 

Can't seem to send or receive email here also. It is 2:06 PM EST. 

Our emails have been very slow since around Noon and have now stopped working entirely.

Email is not received here all day as well! 

Email still not working....  Any News?

having the same issues.. any ETA?


Email has been down for over 3 hours!!!

Has anyone received any help or resolution on this matter?  Haven't received any email since Friday.

No emails yet!!! I tried calling and the phone line is busy. 

When I call, I get a message stating they are aware of the problem! Well duh..... I am also #473 in the chat queue with an estimated wait time of 38 min and 38 sec. SERIOULSY, they think they can get through that many people in 38 minutes? I waited 30 min when I was #64 in the queue and the wait time was 12 min, and still never got to chat with anyone! No incoming email means no revenue....... Woman Mad

What is really weird is that someone else I know with a Go Daddy email account has had no issues today? I haven't received email since 11:30AM EST but can send email????

How about an update from Go Daddy on their resolve?  Do they see (or care about) these posts?  We have businesses to run.

NO EMAIL!!!!  

No email at all ... and no word from Go Daddy on how long this will persist

Been without emails all day.. Hard to run a business without it.

Not resolved here also.  Need resolution now.