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problems receiving emails today 9-25-2017


Anyone having email issues receiving email this afternoon? Haven't had any for hours and tested it with gmail account. I can send from godaddy but not receive.

Thank you

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how could NOBODY from GoDaddy say anything here??? there is got to be somebody moderating these forums, no????   do they not care at all??


I only have domain and my emails with GoDaddy.. not hosted by them. Generally, been happy and this has not happened to me before.. at least not this length. But the lack of response and notification from the company is really not acceptable..


Anyone has started researching other mail options?  who else can we use that is more reliable? 



I have a couple of email addresses that aren't receiving or are very slow too.  A friend forwarded me this message when the email bounced:[] timed out while receiving the
   initial server greeting

this is most aggravating!

@patriotcpc    So, it seems like clients will know that we are down and cannot respond?  that's better than they thinking we're ignoring them and not answering emails.



still not getting emails, its been 6+ hours!!

I am having the same issues except mine are outgoing and incoming. VERY important emails.. this is begining to cost me money.....I am not happy right now.......

ad now you cant even call because the **bleep** line is godaddy.......this isnt exactly a miniscule issues this is a big **bleep** deal and you have some very unhappy customers over here that are depending on your services so that we can provide ours......THIS IS 100% UNACCEPTABLE...... Make a statment or something this is total crap




I am so disappointed that we haven't heard anything from GoDaddy . . .  Our company email has been down since 7:30 this morning . . .  At least provide statements of what's going on.

We are not getting emails, all day. We have a lot of business emails on Mondays but today we have not received any. Please help. Please fix and/or send updates.

This is going to cost my business more than I can afford.  There were big conversations for our small business going on today, and now I'm left up in the air just hoping things work out.  My employees had almost no work to do today, and god only knows how much overtime there will be once all these emails finally plow through.  It's going to be expensive.  That's not even considering the angry-as-hell customers who aren't getting responses fast enough.  If we had an ETA, at least we could plan employee schedules around it and let customers know.  That way it might only cost HUNDREDS instead of THOUSANDS of dollars out of my pocket.  And by pocket I mean dwindling savings.  This is brutal.  I might be OK if it's working by tomorrow morning, but honestly this might end up being a business insurance claim.


GoDaddy.  At least make some kind of formal announcement about this.  Not just some twitter post, and a little "status grid" on your website.  This is a big deal.  People are joking about this ending up on the news, but seriously it could save many small businesses if it was a widely known (publicized) issue.  I wish like hell I could forward my customers (from my personal email) a link to GoDaddy's major issue announcement page.  ...if there was one!  It might save at least some of the money I'm about to lose.

Same for us - completely out of business all day for all our business hosted by GoDaddy.

No mentioning about the problem on the GoDaddy web-site

Continues to be out. The System status page that had been identifying Email issue they are working on is now not loading. 

Has GoDaddy been hacked or what?

The website status says the email if fixed, but IT IS STILL BROKEN!

Workspace email is still dead!.


Update the Website status so it reflects the broken state of GoDaddy.


My customers are calling me asking why I am not processing any orders sent via email.

Is GoDaddy going to reimburse for all of the lost funds this extensive down time has caused?



Our email has been down the entire day.  We tried sending emails to our godaddy hosted email form other email servers (gmail etc) and one of these came in after 6 hours.  Most did not come in and we didn't receive any response from the godaddy email server saying the emails bounced.

This is utterly unacceptable.  Godaddy needs to make a statement to its customers re what is going on; how it impacts email (are emails 'lost' or?) and when it will be resolved.

Customer service line is busy, chat does not work, website has no indication anymore of there being a problem.  What is going on at godaddy?

Does anyone know an email address for godaddy support?   I want to log a rather formal complaint.

If Godaddy would spend half the time keeping their systems up and running as they do calling and trying to sell me **bleep**, this might not happen

Same here

No email all day or for the past 2 days.  This really is unacceptable.

From what I'm reading at Down Detector, GoDaddy is blaming this on their own Workspace Email System and saying people need to switch over to the more expensive Microsoft Office 365 system.


Is everyone here that still has problems using Workspace Email?


I tried to log on to the GoDaddy Website so I could see how much more this is going to cost, but whatever got hacked at GoDaddy has also broken the ability to log onto your own GoDaddy master account. 

The system just says "Invalid Domain" when we try to log in.


Wow.  Been out all day.  Two domains; both used for my consulting business.  NOT a very professional representation.  I already have MS 365 for Office, etc. (all through MS directly) and if we have to go that way, we don't need GoDaddy to do it.  MS can host it or any number of other places.  Plus GoDaddy has become expensive over the years.  Time to look elsewhere.


Down for 12 hours...unacceptable...I will be moving.


PS for anyone new to GoDaddy, this happens about once every 6 months or so but never this long before.  I was willing to overlook it but not now; this is costing me business or at least making me look really bad.

PS  I called twice in the last hour and "wait time" is more than 60 minutes.  You'd think a tech company could at least post a better explanation.  Pretty poor.   Someone(s) should be losing their jobs over something like this.

So even the "chat" box says busy.... so what?.. everyone in the Philippines is occupied?  What about India?  Certainly all the US based customer service people are asleep by now.


Just great....

I don't know for sure.  I can tell you that about 2 years ago I started using MS 365 licensing for my Office stuff and it has been great.  Reasonable price, constant updates, latest version, etc. I also know one of the companies I work with uses 365 for their email hosting.  I do not know the cost so I am not sure if we're just getting what we pay for at GoDaddy or if MS 365 would be competitive.  I do know it is not too bad and it is where I will be looking later this week.