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problems receiving emails today 9-25-2017


Anyone having email issues receiving email this afternoon? Haven't had any for hours and tested it with gmail account. I can send from godaddy but not receive.

Thank you

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Amazing how this forum function seems to work OK.  I know it is not the same thing but just sayin...

mollycat  said : 
PS  I called twice in the last hour and "wait time" is more than 60 minutes.  You'd think a tech company could at least post a better explanation.  Pretty poor.   Someone(s) should be losing their jobs over something like this.
Don't bother trying to use GoDaddy's "Call-Back" feature.
I called and when I finally got their number to ring, it said the hold time was 45 minutes and offered to call me back - so I select Yes.
45 minutes later I get a recorded voice call telling me an operator is now ready to speak with after a "Short Wait" to transfer my call.
55 minutes after waiting for the "Short Wait" to end, I gave up and hung up. 
After 10+ years of GoDaddy, this disaster will be the end of all of my accounts here.
If they had only posted up something here to explain and apologize....   

Unacceptable customer service on a lot of levels. Very unfortunate and disappointing from GoDaddy. Leaving so many customers hanging. It’s one thing to have problems, but 0 useful communication leaves us in the dark. Does anyone have experience with GoDaddy alternatives, for both email and domain host? I can easily google this but am looking form some feedback that anyone may have on a solid alternative.


Me neither :o( What's happening?

I have the same problem every once a while. It has been a problem today. Some emails have come through into my inbox but several emails I was expected never arrived today (at least one of the the sender received a bounce notification after 6-7 hours of trying). Please advise and help godaddy. Thank you, Shaun

9 hours with out emails and 47 min to hold......service is going to drive me away. faster than you answer me. GOODBY

Same Here!!! I run a business and this is ridiculous! 

Maybe it's the Russians.  


I've used GoDaddy for maybe 10 years or more.  This happens periodically with no apology or any explanation from them.  This is the worst one so far so I think it really is time to move to someone else.  Not sure who yet.



As soon as our contract is up we are moving to square space and using Gmail for our email service. I would recommend them both, way better than GoDaddy... not the same company it once was. 

No incoming e-mail most of the day.  Saw a small burst of a few e-mails, and now it is back to no e-mail.  


Still, our outgoing and incoming emails are not working either.

On hold for over an hour now! 

We have had the same problem all day today with all our accounts on this GoDaddy hosted domain. We can send, but have not received anything for at least 12 hours. This has happened several time before with GoDaddy, but never this long. We will definitely be looking for another hosting option as soon as possible.

Same I'm guessing that the servers are down for now. This is extremely frustrating that we pay for this service and it doesn't work.

Is the email down?  None of my business accounts have received email for over 18 hours. 



waited 72 min.. finally got a human... The servers are down and they don't have an ETA of when it will be fixed! Seriously no help at all. 

We have been down all day in NZ, terrible for business. Still down now. Livered.

This is crazy.  Email is down all day and can't reach anyone.  Wait time is 58 minutes and I bet the guy will say "we are working on it"  Very bad service.

i am furious...  this is now almost 24 hours with no email and my business website not relaying info.  wtf, godaddy?  this is not the first time.  its 11:15 pm and the wait time for a rep is still 54 minutes?  totally not acceptable

Does anyone have an answer? Shame to have to leave this platform due to lack of customer care.

Still nothing.  NO emails, NO explanations.