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problems receiving emails today 9-25-2017


Anyone having email issues receiving email this afternoon? Haven't had any for hours and tested it with gmail account. I can send from godaddy but not receive.

Thank you

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facing this issues from morning. called godaddy support they said mail are in queue, will deliver shortly. i have e-commerce site running, not me neither buyers getting any email notification for their products. even godaddy cant raise ticket for the problem. worst services i have ever received from hosting cult. 


hi -we are also having this prob today.  it says it was solved,.. but i do not see any instructions.  do you still have the problem??  thanks


my clients called me today about delayed emails as it has been recurring but got worse today which is affecting business. I've been asked to find an immediate solution. Please get back as soon as possible.'


Today is bad too!  Sent some test emails to myself at 12:02 and its 40 minutes later and I still have not received them.  Is Godaddy going to reply to all these complaints?

Yeah, their replies are stuck in the queue.

I have the same problem. At least judging by the comments, it is a Godaddy issue.

I'm having the same problem. Been since a.m. I'm on east coast, and now it's almost 5p. What is up with all of this?

I wouldn't count on that.  We will be looking for a new host.

I have email delayed for hours or not received at all after 12 hours.  Other emails are getting through just delayed 30 minutes.

   I have been having the same problem all day.  I am not getting any of my emails in and it is causing me a LOT of problems.  I rebooted, changed my POP numbers, etc.

     I've tried emailing GoDaddy and my emails are kicked back.  I tried online chatting and got a message that nobody would be able to chat with me to fix this for more than 45 minutes.  I've tried calling in twice and both times have gotten recorded messages telling me the queue is over 60 minutes!!  This is not acceptable.  It is even worse when the recorded voice tells me it is looking forward to exceeding my expectations.

    GoDaddy -- what are you doing about this huge problem?  Please let us all know asap!

I have not been able to receive emails now for several hours today.  It looks like this is a problem with many customers based on replies to numerous forum topics.   This is a huge problem on Monday morning, and it is not the first time this has happened in our history as customers of GoDaddy.  Several people have called to let me know that they are receiving bouncebacks as undeliverable. I can send them emails, but they can't even 'reply' to me. 

Please don't respond to contact customer service/support line...I'm not having luck there either.

I'm having the same issue!

same issue here.  it came back up for a few minutes and back down it went.

Same.  Calling support, right off the bat they say they are working on this problem even before entering customer info.  Still, this is going to cause MASSIVE headaches for a Monday morning...  Every minute creates more problems, and waiting on the line for customer support for answers sure isn't helping the anxiety.


I updated our Contact Us page, but using a personal email address sure looks unprofessional, and anyone who replies to an already existing conversation is going to be in the dark.


Our last email was received at 11:45AM EST.  Making matters worse, customers who email us don't even appear to receive a "bounce" message...  It's just "sent" with nothing received!  I sure hope GoDaddy fixes this ASAP.  This could really irritate some of our customers.

My email has been down since 6pm last night. I have 10 emails. a few started working this morning around 10am PST but my main email is still not working. Any updates on the problem?

same issue here, cannot receive emails since September 21st...

Its 10:38 pm EST and my email is still down. This is irritating and needs to get fixed asap. My business requires me to receive email

I haven't received an email for the last 17 hours.  I have not tried to contact godaddy support yet.  Maybe I'll try tomorrow.  I wasn't going to reply to this post since I don't really have anything new to add, until I noticed up in the corner a small check box with the caption "Email me when someone replies".  I won't be holding my breath.  (Okay, not everybody got that.  Look at the subject line.)

I'm having the same issue!

Dear Friends,


Please help me..!! I am not receiving emails from our clientes.

at 7PM PST still no email. 1 email I sent to my gmail account this morning [7:30AM] did get through about lunch time.  the system status just says "We are aware of a problem and are working on it..."

I'm loosing business.  😞