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How to get my SSL certificate onto my subdomain?

I have two different servers represented by two different subdomains in my main domain, "" and "".  The first server has an SSL certificate for the subdomain "" which is what I want, but the second server has an SSL certificate for the overall domain "".  Can I change or redeploy this certificate in some way so that it is specifically for the subdomain "" instead, and if so how do I do it?


@Nate Nate thanks for your reply, can you help me with two follow-ups, I'm not so good with the terminology?


In the article it says, "If... you need to change the domain name", but if I've got the terminology correct my certificate has the correct domain name, it's the subdomain that's incorrect (missing actually).


Also, when I choose, "Change the site that your certificate protects", there is no "Uninstall from hosting account" option. There is a checkbox named "Change to a hosted domain" which is ticked already, and if I untick it then a free textbox is revealed - should I untick that box and type my fully qualified name in the textbox - with subdomain - and Save?

In this context the subdomain would be acting as domain.  The SSL would need to be removed and then re-issued.  I am not sure if it would show up in the drop-down list or need to be entered manually, let's see if @JesseW can provide clarification on this.