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Migrating to wildcard

Hi  -  we have multiple SSL certs from at least two providers.  I want to transition all of these to a wildcard SSL over time.  If I get the wildcard SSL now is it possible that some of the sub domains with existing certificates can continue to use those certificates until they expire?  Example - one of our most used domain certs is not with GoDaddy, but if we change to a wildcard ssl from GoDaddy can I leave the one sub-domain certificate in place until it expires?  I hope that made sense.



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Re: Migrating to wildcard

It depends on the SSL installation if your subdomains SSLs are pointing to the same certificate, deleting that certificate will affect all those domains.  When you install your new wildcard certificate, as long as you do not override the old one, everything should work fine.


My question is, why are you worried if you have a wildcard?

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Re: Migrating to wildcard


First of all, if you are getting a wildcard that means that you will have all your subdomains covered, so there is no point of having another SSL for subdomains. Easiest way would be to install the wildcard and keep only that SSL. You will be covered completely. Also, keep in mind that the encryption is the highest available on the market, so no worries!

If you want to keep it for your own reasons and you want to be 100% sure that there will be nothing wrong with the current SSL, move only the subdomain you want to keep with the separate SSL to another server and don't install the wildcard there.


Re: Migrating to wildcard

Thanks guys.  We do not currently have a wildcard but considering the number of sub-domains we have certificates for these days it would be more economical to start using a wildcard cert.  Another benefit is that there would no longer be certificate expiration's throughout the year.  Knowing there is only one to keep track of would be a relief.