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Your SSL certificate does not match your domain name!

I have used ZeroSSL on one domain and it worked flawlessly. I tried to use the service on another domain and it doesn't work at all. I've followed every tutorial / help file I could find for the past few hours and it still doesn't work.


I keep getting these errors. Deleting everything and starting from scratch each time and still nothing. Checked through WhyNoPadlock. This is an add-on domain that matters but so was the other domain I secured through ZeroSSL and I've had no problems.


-Your SSL certificate appears to be self signed. Browsers will display an error whenever someone attempts to visit your site.

-Your SSL certificate does not match your domain name! Protected Domains: No Domains Listed

-Your SSL certificate is expired! (Expired on: 2016-02-04) You will want to renew your SSL certificate as soon as possible!