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Beginner on Wordpress

I'm new to Wordpress. What books, websites or tutorials would you recommend?


Re: Beginner on Wordpress

I would suggest a few pieces of reading material if you are just getting started. Wordpress is an awesome platform and you will be glad you decided to make it yours but I would recommend starting off on the right foot with security, updates, backups. 


Wordpress can be cumbersome at times if you are not fully familiar with the way "your site" works. Each site operates slightly differently depending on the theme, plugins used to build it but at their core they are all wordpress. My best advice it so be persistent, patient, creative with wordpress because you can really imagine anything you want and make it happen in that platform. 


The best part about it all is you have behind you a community of wordpress users, designers and techies which all enjoy participating and helping business owners be successful. So in short you have a lot of people you can ask about wordpress problems or recommendations in many different areas of the webz.

Mike L. | WebPro