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Double Logo on Lyrical Theme

Hi there.  I built a website using the "Lyrical" WordPress theme about a year ago, and just got notified that it's now looking a bit wonky. Specifically, the logo is doubled up in the header (two instances of the logo right beside one another). I've tried:

  • Removing just one by clicking the little pencil icon beside each instance of the logo (either one removes both instances)
  • Removing the logo altogether, publishing, then adding it back in (it shows up doubled up again)
  • Adding a different logo image altogether (also doubles up)
  • Looking through widgets, layout etc. for an option that looks like it might have caused the second instance of the logo (no luck)

Can anybody provide any insight or guidance?  Thanks in advance!


Hello @agentnumber2!


Thank you for posting. I've moved your post to the WordPress board where it will get more attention from folks who use WordPress on their sites. 


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I'm having a similar problem after updating the theme. Have you figured it out?