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I'm new to Wordpress through GoDaddy and wasn't told when I called to ask questions about signup that this was a limited Wordpress.ORG install (but without the ability to add plugins), not Wordpress.COM with which I am a lot more familiar.


Where are the themes??  Where is the flexibility??  This seems to be a very limited sandbox compared to what I'm used to on Wordpress.


For example:  I can't find anywhere to look for themes I can purchase.  I'm setting up a site for a social organization, not simply a personal blogging site, so I need a lot more ability to customize.


Am I simply going to have to cancel GoDaddy hosting and sign up through

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Re: Dumbed-down

I am not sure how but your impression seems to be flipped around. is actually a limited version of  While comes preconfigured with mainstream options, has the flexibility to configure it how you see fit with plugins and themes.


You can click Add New under the Themes or Plugins tab to browse or search the available selection on, or use the option to Upload a Theme or Plugin you've downloaded from another source.  Since you are not limited to a curated you will want to make sure any addon is up-to-date and currently being supported, as well as check the reviews. You can use your favorite search for 3rd party sites, but as it is the internet make sure any site is trustworthy before downloading anything.


It is hard to briefly yet concisely explain via text but there are many YouTube videos that go over the basics.  But if you do have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask.




Re: Dumbed-down

I appreciate the reply.  But I've figured out the problem.  When I first set up the hosting account I assigned to something called "managed Wordpress" after having specifically asked for the set of tools when I called the 800 number.  (I'm well aware of the differences between and having already written two sites for other clients in  I explained to the tech I'm setting up a complicated site which will coordinate with a SQL of sorts run by another company, etc. and still wound up with "managed Wordpress" which appears to be oriented to mommy bloggers and other absolute beginners.  I'm not sure why anyone would claim there's an ability to search for more than six or seven templates in "managed Wordpress,"  which wasn't my experience.  I hadn't previously been aware this service existed or I would have specifically asked NOT to be assigned to it.


I called to cancel "managed Wordpress" and again asked for an ability to interface with, which I had been previously told was available by the GoDaddy tech who then put me in "managed Wordpress."  Long story short, I wound up with both a cPanel interface to without a clear way to interface with - and another link to set up "managed Wordpress."

At this point I've spent at least four hours on the phone with GoDaddy (including a problem with "delegated access" in which I was allowed to purchase webhosting but no email packages for a reason nobody can explain).  I simply don't have any more time to invest sitting on the phone with this company when I need to be designing a website for which I have a pressing deadline.  I only opted to work with GoDaddy because my client had used it to register his domain and I was trying to accommodate his existing relationship.  

I've called to cancel GoDaddy's hosting service and will be purchasing hosting through both today and at any other point in the future when I'm erroneously told a different service "will seamlessly integrate into Wordpress."

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Re: Dumbed-down

I am not sure where the confusion is coming from but is objectively more flexible than  Though a handful of themes and plugins are installed by default, you can click "Add new" on the respective management page to browse or search from countless other options.  You can even upload add-ons from external sources or those you've created on your own.


It is also not clear what you mean by "interface with", as it's just a service that offers a proprietary version of  If you could post details on what you can't figure out how to do so you can possibly get suggestions to point you in the right direction.