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Form Buttons Invisible - Mins Theme - CSS?



For some reason my form submit buttons are not showing on my pages when I use the Mins theme. I tried setting the theme to one of the default WordPress themes and the buttons showed up so I'm guessing it's CSS related. I'm not sure what I need to fix though. Any ideas? You can see an example here:


There's a submit button there, but it's not displayed. I've tried using multiple form plugins as well to make sure that's not the issue. Currently using Ninjaforms. I contacted Ninjaforms support about it and they told me to ask the theme creator, and I'm guessing this is where to ask since Mins is a GoDaddy theme.



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Community Manager

Re: Form Buttons Invisible - Mins Theme - CSS?

Hi @SoldSisters. It looks like you may have resolved this issue already. I'm able to see the submit button on that page in both Chrome and FireFox. If you did resolve the issue, please consider following up here with the steps you took to do so. Others may benefit from what you've experienced.


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Re: Form Buttons Invisible - Mins Theme - CSS?

Thank you for the reminder! I meant to come back and post this and totally forgot to!


So it turns out the forms buttons aren't quite the same as normal buttons, so my CSS that made the other buttons on my site purple didn't affect the form buttons. The form buttons were white, just like my background, and the buttons were really just text rather than an all-out button. Long story short, white text on a white background is invisible, but its still there! I used the google chrome dev tools element selector to figure out what I needed to edit, then added some custom CSS to the theme to make it purple!

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Community Manager

Re: Form Buttons Invisible - Mins Theme - CSS?

Thanks for coming back and letting everyone know. We appreciate the follow up. It's always helpful to other Community members who might be experiencing the same issue. Take care!