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Header text too large for mobile view and breaking

Hi - new to Wordpress and Beaver Browser.


When viewed on a mobile in portrait, the text on some of the page headings is too big and breaking across lines.


Should these scale down automatically for mobile view to fit the screen size? Or is there a way to force the header text size to reduce for mobile please?


Update: So having been through this with Godaddy support, they tell me this is to do with how the Mins Theme is set up and there are no settings I can change to address this. This seems bizarre, words splitting across Headers on Mobiles seems like a fundamental issue - it looks really bad.


Has anyone else come across this? I am guessing since there have been no replies, it is not a common problems?


I have seen some suggestions of CSS code to change the font size depending on screen size and did speculatively try one but it gave an error - I have no experience of this and its beyond me.


If anyone can help point me in a direction to deal with this - I would be very grateful.


Header Text 1.JPGHero Text.JPG


Re: Header text too large for mobile view and breaking

Surprised that nobody else is having this issue and also that it is an issue at all - would have thought headers scaling on mobiles was a basic requirement for any theme.


After a lot of searching, I did finally get it fixed - lovely people at fixrunner did a 1-time fix and added some custom CSS code that made the header font consistent across all pages and scale for mobile screens so it didn't break. Very fast and efficient, exactly what I wanted so very happy indeed as this was well beyond my beginner capability.