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Hello Everyone! New and needing to know where to start with WordPress



I have actually had my domain and hosting for a few years now but being not tech savvy I have not done much with it. Two questions.

I am paying $9.99 for the web hosting per month. Is it cheaper to be charged annually instead of monthly? I can't find out anywhere on Go Daddy,


Also is there some kind of tutorial for WordPress? I have had that all this time but again I don't know how to manage it. I am an artist and would like to start posting my art and blog to get my business going.


Thank you in advance!



Helper V



Hello there Patricia !

I see lots of help for wordpress on these boards, good info etc..

Hope you have fun here!

Mrsroadrunner Photography

I will have to search more here on WordPress. Thank you!


Still not sure if it would be cheaper on the hosting billing annually instead of monthly. It has gone up since I have started to $10.00/ mo

Community Manager

Hi there @patlintner! I'm going to move your question to the "Building and Managing Websites" forum. There's a lot of people who know all about using WordPress and I'm sure will have great insights for you. Take care and good luck!


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Oh thank you! I really appreciate your help!


I have been paying for something that I know I am not getting the most out of so you are a great help!


Again thank you!