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Horrible Customer support & hosting destroyed

Is a pity but I have to arrive to the situation to make this public to prevent it happens to others and crossing finger for you Godaddy (a known brand) to do the right things:

- on 8th July I installed the wordpress application directly from the godaddy wizard

- on 9th I spent +20 minutes on the phone wasting money (calling from Africa) and time and nothing solved

- on the 10th spend +1h on the chat to solve the issue and nothing (#32505010), I was told that between 48-72hs will be solved (false)

- 15th july goddady sent  me an email that the installation is ready


16th July I access my hosting and all my website was deleted and no wordpress installation is up & running. This is unacceptable you removed my business from being online making me loss money and time and wordpress is still not working.

I trust you understand how bad is this actual situation and an urgent corrective action + compensation has to be provided.


ps: evidence (pic) is failing to be attached, provide me an email and can send them.

Former Employee

Greetings @pchepa,


I'm sorry to hear you are having these unusual problems. We have a broad base of successfully installed hosting throughout the world. Hopefully, as it is new hosting, perhaps you still have your (original) source files / database back-ups (prior to loading) to draw from.


Regrettably we can't assist with specific account, technical or billing issues here. You will need to continue to work through 24/7 support. (perhaps in chat again, to minimize your costs).

Here are our Global numbers if that helps you get to support:                                                     


This is a general forum, but we'd be happy to hear if you find out what happened if others would benefit from it.


Thanks in advance,
Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at


By the way, I'm not a new customer already for more than 5 years. Another day without my business what are you waiting for to re-establish it and compensate me accordingly?

Former Employee

We appreciate it, @pchepa,


We're glad that we have met your expectations for those five years. However, as I stated, this current issue is account specific and cannot be resolved in this, a general forum.


If you are seeking to resolve the current issue(s) you will need to continue to work through support and the existing escalation process.


Thank you for your understanding,
Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator 
24/7 support available at

Hello Thomas,

after escalating the issue (2hs in the support chat) I got a partial solution on 17th July, partial as my website that was put off (without informing) and making me lost money was re-stablished.

Wordpress has been installed but now when I try to upload my theme it fails, is not an issue of the theme as I already loaded in another hosting.

Looking forward for a solution and fair compensation of "killing" my website/business for some days.