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How can I upload large video file(Upto 1GB) on Godaddy(cPanel)?


I am facing problem in uploading large(200MB) video file on Godaddy(cPanel) server in WORDPRESS.
But its not getting uploaded, instead it giving 413 error code.
I have increased upload_max_filesize(1G) & post_max_size(128M) in server configuration.
Also I added php.ini file in project with my own required size, but its not affecting.

I would be great help if you guide me how can I upload large video(Upto 1GB)

Thanks in advance

Super User III
Super User III

Re: How can I upload large video file(Upto 1GB) on Godaddy(cPanel)?



I would never try to do this via WordPress - I would either FTP it or do it through the cPanel file manager

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