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How to choose the right theme for your WordPree blog

One of the main obstacles that new aspiring bloggers encounter is the choice of a theme. Whether they don't know what to write about, they see too many options, and they don't decide, they think they're not good at publishing on a certain topic or any other type of doubt or uncertainty, it's a fact that this choice can be an impediment or difficulty to create a blog.


Today more than ever, we have the possibility to create a blog and share information on any subject that we like or interest.


But how to choose from so many available options? Many times it seems so many options; it is impossible to choose only one.


Guide to choose the correct theme of your blog

The objective of this article is that you can learn to choose the ideal theme for your new blog without taking so long and know that you made the right decision. Something that happens a lot is that we started a blog, and halfway we realized that this was not the right topic or that it does not work to grow and have readers.


1. The 3 Mega-Niches

Within the Internet and the offline world, there are three niches that cover between 80% and 90% of the needs of human beings.


Yes, there is competition, but there are also sales, and they are much more proven themes than others that involve greater risk.


These are:

  • Finance and money
  • Health and fitness
  • Relations


These terms are very general and subjective. Generally, within each of these three mega niches, we can find different sub-niches on which we can focus our blog.


2. Special niches or hobbies

In addition to the three mega niches that we have already seen, there are also other issues that can give very good results, and that does not have to do with these essential and so important needs for humans.


I refer to topics such as:

  • Video game
  • Other games (cards, for example)
  • Hobbies of different types
  • Learn to play musical instruments
  • Learn crafts
  • Others more!


This type of mini niches usually has a very fanatic and passionate audience, which can certainly be part of a good monetization process that you implement in your blog.


3. Brainstorm

Turn off your computer and cell phone to avoid distractions. Then, with a notebook and a pen, write down a list of topics that you like and on which you could focus your blog.


You can first list the most general themes and then add subtopics to the side. So your list will be more organized.


Write everything that comes to your mind and go ordering each term and section you have.


At the end of the exercise, you will have a very good list of possible topics for your new blog, and now you just need to do the research to find which of them can be more profitable and with greater potential.


4. Search for active communities

By this, I mean forums, groups on Facebook or Linkedin, discussions, or any other site on the Web where there is an interaction between users.


This is where you can realize what their main problems, needs, or desires are. Based on this, you can create a strategy and know if it is really feasible to create a blog on the subject.


5. Evaluate the competition

Check other blogs that are already active. Evaluate their content, design, unique offer, and everything they offer.


What can you offer your different to them? What can you improve on?


Competition can be a great source of inspiration and ideas.


Now comes the most important part.


Where successful blogs and those that fail are separated, you choose which group to belong to.


The creation of content, implementation of your marketing plan, relationship building, and all the strategic part will determine how good results you get with your blog.


Have a long term approach. At first, there will be almost no traffic or readers; that's why motivation and determination are key.


You can also find the best responsive WordPress themes from this collection.


What are other factors to consider when choosing a theme for a blog? Share your experience and opinions about it.


Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, TechKnowable, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.