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I am Not Able to Open WordPress


I am very new to this forum and i don't know what am i doing yesterday.

I have 2 domains - one is not having WordPress and other i have 

Yesterday , i truly made a mistake ,i was actually forwarding one domain to different website But 

i did in one that have WordPress, that i don't want to forward to.

My question is that -is there possible to revert to default setting? if yes , please let me know ,i  need your help

By the way, yesterday i tried to backup. until now my website is not not working 

"May i know how much time it take to bring my website back".


I hope ,you will  definitely figuring  out my problem 

Thank you


PS: if my writing sucks,i am really sorry 🙂 I am not really good at English 



Re: I am Not Able to Open WordPress

Hello @kishor12

 If You Forgot Wordpress Password You Can Recover With Email That You Have Used During Wordpress Installation 🙂

Also if You Had Redirect Your Site You Can Remove From Redirects 🙂

Re: I am Not Able to Open WordPress

Dude it sill parked, i tried to reset but never happen 

Thanks for the reply 


Found solution by myself! So Happy

This was my previous problem before : "I am Not Able to Open WordPress"i got lock down actually


I dig it little more further, thought of everyone can solve their own problem or solving someone's problem.

Now i found the solution today. And i guess it might be helpful to someone having same problem-

Basically my problem was: point at was wrong . After i forward to some domain,i think i made mistake on not checking my IP address where it  is pointed at


This link will show the picture and i think you might understand ,what my problem is :DNS fix