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I am feel like biggest fool on earth after choosing godaddy reseller service like hell What you guys think

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Hello @arunkshukla9,


I don't think you are a fool at all, maybe you just jumped into the deep end. It may take a little time, but stick with it for a while.

I personally have steered clear of it for one simple small reason, I like to build sites myself, I love code, and I like to run my own show...... hang on, that's three reasons, oh well............

It doesn't appeal to me but that's no good reason it shouldn't to others who wish to 'hit the ground running', after all, Godaddy do all the work. So because they do all the work I wouldn't expect the cash to come in trucks....... the world just doesn't work like that. It's hard work in..... hard earned success out! 


I thought it would be easy,

and so did all the rest,

I tried and tried,

enthusiasm died,

It seems I wasn't blessed,

I got up at ten thirty,

went to bed at 1 am,

I never bothered getting dressed,

because it was soon to bed again................... Smiley Happy