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Is it just me or does wordpress suck?

I cannot get anything to work with wordpress.  I cannot save pages. Edit menus. Add images, etc. I have used the temp site domain, etc.  Does wordpress screen for profanity? I do use some rather salty language.

Helper IV

Wow, have you just tried installing a clean version and starting again? Seriously though -- what have you got installed? Plugins, theme? WordPress is amazing and many will tell you just that.

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I agree with @Alex-NewPath, see if a clean install solves your problem. And any number of themes or plugins could be causing a problem.


Given that WP is one of the most popular platforms out there, I'd say it works for MOST people (and I manage over 200 WP sites, it is the only dev platform I use now). So it sounds like your particular site has something going on that is specifically causing your problems.

Ok, I am being a bit harsh.  So far, my experience with Wordpress has not been promising.  Image upload problems, page not found, request timed out, etc. I have started over about 3 times and still no luck.  It will not let me save pages, edit menus or virtually anything.  I will try re-installing one again.

Hi @mccoxwell49,


Unfortunately as GoDaddy is upgrading its managed WP servers there are quite a few problem sites.  I've had the same exact problems over the last month.  SOMETIMES, a clean installation will help. If you are using managed wordpress and have to get a site published immediately, you might consider the cPanel installation. However, even with the noted problems, GoDaddy may not refund your managed WP hosting charges.  This situation is truly a Catch 22.  As I have said recently, if you are on a managed WP plan, expect some grief over the next few weeks. 


Hope this helps,


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It's really unfortunate that you're running into these issues on your first time with WordPress. WP has been around for a very long time and has advanced to the point of design companies using it exclusively to build their client's websites.


I have hosted WP sites at every major hosting company online, and continue to just to keep my ear to the ground in the industry. In 10 years of doing this, these dedicated wordpress hosting accounts at GoDaddy are by far the fastest I have ever seen.


That said, I came here looking for the same answer as you because I was baffled at why I couldn't FTP any files or install anything. But this thread has given me my answer. Seems they are having migration issues. If you have the patience to wait it out, you will find once they finish their overhaul, your website is incredibly fast. Again, very unfortunate that this was your first experience with WordPress.

Meanwhile, we're paying for Managed WordPress and not getting any of the benefits. So what are we paying for?

I'm with you - WP sucks hard. I've installed a fonts plugin, activated it, etc., and it's not there or working or whatever. It's driving me nuts. GoDaddy chat was of no help today either. 


Not a fan. Good luck to you, though. 

WordPress is absolutely awful. Name 20 tasks and I bet 15 are way more difficult than they should be. I've worked on websites for 20 years and at this point, all CMS's are basically terrible. WordPress somehow ended up winning, although I'm not sure why. It's an absolutely awful CMS that has literally zero features out of the box. You have to download 25 plugins to do basic website management, and if you don't know JS or PHP, good luck manipulating the site to do anything you want. Even more fun is when you do complain that (SIMPLE) things are much harder than they should be, the WordPress crazies will harass you and tell you how awesome WP is, and that if you hate it so much, you should design your own CMS. Happy WordPressing! Get ready to spend 2 hours on something that should take less than 5 minutes. And that will happen at least 20 times.