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Jquery problem or Javascript not working

For some reason most javascript things on my site have stopped working.

You can see that my jquery.js file is 404

... it should not be a 404. Another site in the same hosting account is working properly, with it's jquery files loading. 

This appears to be a random permissions error on ... the directory? 
I tried re-uploading the entire includes folder to no avail.


How can this be fixed? Not sure what has happened!


Thank you.


Hi @fractrain

Welcome to our forums! This sounds like it might be a permission issue. This can occur if the directory or files don't have execute permissions. If that doesn't work, hopefully one of our other community members can chime in with advice. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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May or may not be relevant anymore, but I just spent HOURS with the same problem... Everything worked great locally, but would not work on Godaddy. Local servers (MAMP) will reference a script without CASE SENSITIVITY. Godaddy will not. One God*@%$ed capital G (in lightGallery) nearly took my sanity from me. Now going to the grocery store for a six-pack...