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Migrated Wordpress site, after reinstalling X Theme, can't validate license

Migrated Wordpress site over with help from GoDaddy agent. Uploaded Theme (X) files via Filezilla. Site still not working. Tried deactivating plugins to see if one was the problem, it wasn't. Cleared cache, nothing. Maybe php issue? Any ideas?

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Hmmm....  I'm only guessing because I cannot see what you are doing or what was  done. 😉


If you have the themes original .zip file that is the best way to install.  Did you give that a try?


Appearance > Themes > Add New


Are you getting any error messages you can share?  


Validating theme licenses could require adding the license in the theme's dashboard within WordPress.  And/or if when you purchased the theme you designated a specific domain but are using it on another, that could also cause an issue.  


This is where any error messages or notices you are receiving would be helpful.   Is there a reason you think this to be a php issue?


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