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Moved Hosting, index.html now empty

Hello, everyone! 

My site TheLittleBinger just finished its hosting with GoDaddy and is now with MochaHost. It's been working fine for the past few days but yesterday, it just showed me an empty site.  I recently updated my DNS servers to that of MochaHosts. 

I logged in to cpanel and my index.html file is empty. I renewed my cpanel with GoDaddy for a month to check my files and the index.html file is also empty. This is really worrying me. I hope anybody could help me resolve this. I've had my blog for a year and planning to expand. 

Thank you! 

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I'm confused -- if you moved your hosting away from GoDaddy -- why would you renew cPanel hosting with GoDaddy? 


If your site is not displaying it is one of two things for you to double-check.  Either the domain is not "set" as the domain for your hosting account on your new host or your DNS name servers for your new host are not correctly entered on your domain record.


HTH! 😉

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