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My WordPress site loads very slowing


My WordPress site very slowly. Sometimes its does not load for few minutes. can anybody have the issue. I am on godaddy manged WordPress hosting. Godaddy Hosting really very disappointing. I will move my site to other provider.


Just giving feedback as I have tried Managed Wordpress 3 times now over the last two years and for the third time we are moving a site off managed wordpress due to slowness issues.  Sadly, I'm not sure they have all the kinks worked out yet.  

For last couple days, i am also experiencing the same issue for my site ( ) No idea what is going on with hosting. I have disabled all plugins and still site is loading very slow.


Anyone experiencing same problem?


Mine is terrible!!!! I get alerts 4 times a day showing it offline and when I go to look half the graphics dont show up... Not much of a graphics site, its a simple blog, so I am not sure why its so flipping slow... 

Mines the same - worst decision ever going with GoDaddy.


I am having the same issues. Spent a lot of time and money getting these set up, and constantly get "server not available, or slower than molasses. Very disappointed!!!!