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My website is not updating

I have Managed wordpress hosting when i install any plug in or make changes in website, then there is no changes in website please help me to solve this issue
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Helper II

Re: My website is not updating

Hi there, is your website is fresh install or existing one? We need more details from your issue with WordPress. That issue is very odd. Please provide us more information so we can figure it out why. If you really need help this time hit Kudo if you're problem has been solve it my suggestion is helpful to others and yours.

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Super User I

Re: My website is not updating



Two things come to mind...


1) Caching is preventing you from seeing the latest version.  Make sure all WordPress and browser caches are cleared.


2) Are you getting an visible errors? If the site is simply not accepting the changes then you may have a plugin and/or theme conflict of some sort.  I have a troubleshooting guide on GoDaddy's Blog that you can try.


HTH! 😉

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Helper II
Helper II

Re: My website is not updating

This one is also in my mind... might be the cache... try to open your website in Incognito mode. If it is still not working correctly try to disable any caching plugin for the meantime and try to make changes again.


Re: My website is not updating

Try installing a plugin called "Busted". Once installed and activated, if you don't see an update, open a new window, go to Plugins and located "Busted" then deactivate and reactivate. Then go back to your WP site and hold the Shift key and click the refresh at the same time (you may have to do this a few times).  Your updates should now be visible. Stupid, I know, but it works.

If this does not work, could be a Firewall caching issue IF YOU HAVE SIGNED UP for Godaddy's Website Security Deluxe. In which case, under My Products --> Website Security and Backups --> Website Security Deluxe --> Manage) which should take you to:

Top Left look for "Firewall".  Click on Firewall and then look below in white box you'll see 4 green text links, 3rd one down is "Clear Cache".  Click "Clear Cache" and then go back to your browser and refresh. You may need to wait a minute or two before refreshing.  You should now see your updates.

Re: My website is not updating

Having the same issue! I quit. Not happy