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PHP Versions

Are we ever going to see PHP versions higher then 5.x within the Hosting - Web - Deluxe - Linux - US Region package?




Hi @RichBook595, thanks for posting.

Higher versions of PHP are not available on the older Web Hosting plans. PHP 7.0+ is currently available on the cPanel hosting plans. If you are interested in switching, you would need to purchase and setup the plan as a new plan, and then manually migrate your site and files to the new plan.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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So even having time left on my current plan that I have prepaid for, in order to get more modern features like PHP version 7 I need to purchase another plan from godaddy, migrate my site and just eat the remaining time left on my current plan? That is a very poor business model.

Ditto. I have had it with GoDaddy's updates 2 years later and each time forcing me to buy a new plan in order to get the latest version. I am out of here, prepaid or not.