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Page ok issue

hello Let me start by saying I am a novice. I switched my domain over to go daddy and go daddy is also hosting my site. But I am having issues I told them when I would go to the home page it would take me back to the old sites homepage and how it looked. I only wanted to save the domain name and redone the entire site. I called tech support earlier and was given some suggestions. Now On my phone if I search for my site. I get a "page ok" on my laptop I get my site but part of the menu is missing. wife goes to my site on her phone she gets the entire site. my friend gets "page ok" when he searches for my site.


I will try to call them again tomorrow but if anyone has any helpful information i would appreciate it. This site is what brings me clients so the longer its down the more money I lose. Remember I am a novice when replying to me. 


thank you Scott

Advocate VII

Hi Scott @vonbodan!


You will want to wait about 24 hours for the propagation to take place.  Often times, the "page ok" occurs when the DNS settings are not completely accurate.  If you'll let me know your domain name I'll check on propagation, etc for you. 


You may also want to check to make sure all versions (, and https: versions if you've added an ssl) of the site are working correctly. You may have to add the domain aliases to get the site to work correctly.  What hosting platform are you using?


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

I believe it has been resolved when I transferred my domain name over the old domain host didn't unlock the name so I think that is what was causing the issue 

Ok here is something I hope you can help me with I got a email from go daddy saying the transfer is complete last night. Which in my earlier reply is what I thought the issue was. That the old domain host had not released my domain name. So if you google it should come up the way it looks as I set it up on go daddy which is flames in the back ground says vonbodan entertainment old school magic new age flair. But if you go thru facebook and type in the search bar for my facebook business page vonbodan. I have my web address there and it takes me to the way  the site was set up on the old domain host. Any ideas why?