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Paying the best Hosting plan but website is super Slow

Hi Everyone!


Our website is having several issues:

1) It takes about 5 seconds to get a response from the server (once you get the responce, the page loads reasonably fast)

2) Website cant handle many users...5 users and the site is down (CPU usage 100%). We have the best plan GoDaddy offers...yet the resources are not enough. 

The website is super simple and we have made several steps to increase performance:

a) Minify Java and CSS

b) Compress images
c) Configure a Cache Plugin


Google Page Speed and GTmetrix are showing decent results...but the problem is with multiple users at once.




Any hints?

Super User 2020



The site popped for me here in the USA. 😉   I ran your site through GeoPeeker and saw the difference in load times depending on location -- with USA being the fastest.  But it did show that the screen shots lagged quite a bit when all locations were trying to access.


Did you look at your YSlow score?  The first 5 "F"s could directly impact users.  Particularly a CDN.  Maybe try resolving those issues and see if the situation improves?


HTH! 😉

"No guts, no story." ~ Chris Brady