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Slow Wordpress, nothing helps

We have a wp-site —

As shown by tests, the problem is the numerous plug-ins and JS-scripts.

We have tried everything:

1. Disable or replace slow plugins,
2. Test the load more accurately with p3-plugin, many speed tests such as Google speed test,
3. WP Super Cach plugin, Autoptimize and other plugins,
4. Compress text script files with Gzip,
5. To optimize images without losing quality.

All this does not help. Experts advise going for Nginx or VDS. But how to do it as painlessly as possible, I don't know. I don't want to leave Godaddy can be to switch to another tariff or to connect the VDS service? How to do it without moving Wordpress?

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As you did I ran a speed test.  JavaScript, browser caching and minification are all Fs.  If you look at the details of the report it's primarily theme and plugins.  How many plugins do you have installed?


I'm not sure what "experts" you are talking to but until those issues are addressed your site's speed will be impacted.   Could be too many plugins, quality of your theme/plugins, or the combination of theme/plugins unique to your site.


Speed is really a step-by-step process that requires looking at the data you have and addressing it.  Once you eliminate those Fs you can then proceed to determine what else may be going on.


HTH! 😉

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Of course, it's in the plugins and the theme! I write about it, we tried to optimize them, but then went back to backup. Since nothing helped. You performed a speed-test site to edits. So I repeat the question: does Godaddy have the option to use Nginx or VPS?

GoDaddy definitely has VPS options.


I'm going to assume you're on a shared hosting plan, so you are sharing resources with other people. You have no control over what other people on your server are doing, and it's roulette if anyone else is trying to optimize their own site. You might want to look into one of their business plans, as well. VPS might be overkill for what you're needing, and it's going to require a lot more technical knowledge for a server admin role. If you like the hosting, but need more speed, I would recommend their business hosting. I loved it, but I outgrew its capabilities and had to move to a VPS. It was a big endeavor.