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Someone please help me so upset

Please someone help me I'm losing my mind and wish I never created a domain and host with godaddy.

Every time I tried to install wordpress to create a new blog with my brought domain it does not work keeps saying page has timed out I have tried all solutions on the internet and nothing has worked. I thought maybe it was linking up to my previous wordpress account so I deleted my entire account even though people need to access my blog right now just to see if it would work and AGAIN not working.

I can't stop crying as I'm so stressed I don't understand why the wordpress install is not working for me when I've literally tried every single thing.

Someone please help as I can't afford to ring godaddy for 20 minutes just to be put on hold in order for me to get a refund PLEASE

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Hi @bonjourchloe_l 


Please don't get upset Smiley Sad I'm weak when it comes to Wordpress but there are guys here that will help you I'm sure. What you have to do to get better answers to your issues is to add as many relevant tags to your post as is feasible (don't add all the words in a dictionary though lol) and someone will pick up on those.

Second if you need to grab someones attention here then always use their '@ name' and they get a notification.

Thirdly Godaddy chat will be back tomorrow at Arizona local time of 5am to 6pm. Now sometimes the signal will be "Chat agents are currently unavailable", now between the timesI have given you it only means they are busy, not absent. Keep an eye on the status so that you can click as soon as an agent is available. Fortunately the busy period is over tomorrow I think. 

Now I think you are from the UK like me, right? Well if so then Arizona is 7hours behind us Smiley Happy

Please dry your tears...... you are not alone Smiley Happy


Go make yourself a cuppa, think of it like this, you'll have even more stuff to blog about tomorrow.....

virtual hug on the way x

Hey @Retired, thanks for getting in touch.


Didn't know about the tags thing so will do that now thanks! I just don't see how anybody can solve this problem, there's literally nothing to do I've tried everything now all I want is a refund and to never blog again as this has mentally exhausted me. Wp-admin page never loads, I've uninstalled and reinstalled plenty of times edited SQL databases everything I just don't understand as on youtube they simply click for it to install and boom the plain wordpress page is there whereas I either get the 'this domain is parked by godaddy' page or page not loading at all or white page which says there has been an error.

Thank you anyway though! 🙂

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Hi @bonjourchloe_l,


I'm sure it's probably something simple but there are alternatives to Wordpress that would be a lot less stress and fuss. Wiki pages for one! You could look into this as wiki pages are great for blogging and very easy to set up and maintain. in fact they are one of the most talked about things at the moment.


keep blogging @bonjourchloe_l ... and smiling Smiley Happy

I see you never got an answer, which is too bad because I've been pulling my hair out for the last hour trying to get WordPress to work with my GoDaddy domain.  I HATE WORDPRESS and I have got to say that GoDaddy is pretty much a pain in the butt, too, when it comes to resolving these problems.

I installed WordPress (WP for short) for my domain, I can get to the WP dashboard, I have set up a theme and etc.  But when I click on save and publish, it saves but never publishes.  Worse, now I am stuck with the original home page for the domain and can't alter that, either.  

Is it timing out randomly?  I experienced this issue with a client of mine on WP Managed Hosting. The problem ended up being the DNS record he setup in CloudFlare that pointed to GoDaddy needed to be updated and CloudFlare caching needed to be turned off.  Those steps fixed the timeouts for him.




I still am uneasy about WHY CloudFlare DNS / Cache would be the issue - but it did resolve my problem for now.  Hope this helps someone - be sure to check DNS!


A few more details:

My development site worked fine

The Staging environment worked fine

The Production site SEEMED fine, minus the times-outs in Admin or submitting a form

Tech support kept telling me it was my theme (It can't be)

Tech support kept telling me it was my plugins (It can't be)

Tech support kept telling me it was WordPress cache (It can't be)