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Time limit and php Max Input Vars increase on Managed Wordpress

The requirements for the edugate theme that I've just uploaded to a client's website is:


Time Limit: Currently 30 Recommended 1800

PHP Max Input Vars: Currently 1000 Recommended 6000


They're coming up as big red errors and so I need to know how to fix it - I'm a web Designer and so only know basic coding. If possible - I need a good walk through!


I've been looking on Google and it says to use cPanel, but they have a Managed Wordpress account and I can't find any file upload areas to use a user.ini file as the GoDaddy support suggested.


Any help will be useful!


Community Manager

Hi @KyaP. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


You should be able to update those values by using a .user.ini file with the proper scripting. With Managed WordPress, you can add this kind of file via SFTP. This article should help you do that. Hope that helps!


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Is there a sample user.ini file to reference?  I'm having the same issue with a managed Wordpress site.

I would also appreciate a sample script please, if possible


Hi @KyaP,


Did you find the solution, hoping you can help.

I know how to create the .user.ini file and ftp it across, just not sure what to put in it.




Did anyone ever find a sample user.ini file or how to do this?