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Tranfer from Godaddy Wordpress


I have a problem. I'm new at Wordpress. I have my cpanel with Godaddy, so I added the Wordpress to it.
I edited my page, but, for any reason, I pressed "Publish", but when I go to my website, I still have the page that Godaddy put for the beginners. Can anybody help me to make it visible, please?

I would appreciate it. 

Thank you in advance.

Getting Started

Hello @richnwealth did you get this resolved? if not what's the name of your website? 

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Hi @richnwealth,


It sounds like you might need to change your A-record in your DNS settings.  In your cPanel control panel, you'll see your IP address on the left side of the page.  Copy it.  Go to your Domains panel.  Click on Manage for the domain you are working with.  Open the DNS settings and see if the IP address there matches the one on your cPanel.  If not, then you'll want to change it!


Also, look in the Settings>General> and make sure the url listed matches your site's domain name.


Hope this helps,



Hope this helps,


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