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Turning on my website in WordPress



I have godaddy hosting with a domain i have also purchased through godaddy.  I have built my website in wordpress but i cant figure out how to "turn on" or "activate" my website?  The page is built but when i got to the actual domain it say "future home of something quit cool" 


Any ideas?




And, when it shows that message do you have the ability to log into the site via Wordpress?  If so, then you have a content problem.  If not, then you have a Wordpress installation problem.


How did you install WP?  Here is the link to the famous "Five minute installation"

I have the same problem. did you get your WordPress site turned on? I host with GoDaddy and installed WordPress through their Cpanel.

Resolver I

The main thing to look at is your GoDaddy dashboard and see if the website is installed in the correct directory. If you go to your website and type the domain, do you get a login screen? If so, then your website's theme has an automatic coming soon page added and once you login, you can deactivate that page or change it to be your home page and adjust the content as needed.