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URL Injection

Received this from google today; anyone knows how to fix it? Security Issues Hacked with spam A hacker may have modified your site to contain spammy content. To protect visitors to your site, Google’s search results may label your site’s pages as hacked. We may also show an older, clean version of your site. Learn more URL injection These pages appear to be created by a hacker with the intent of spamming search results. Show details Sample URLs Last detected 8/7/17 8/7/17 8/7/17 8/12/17 8/7/17 8/7/17
Helper VI

@fgaztambide every (or almost) url in that list gives a 404 error. I'd check that the code is clean, and also apply any update for WordPress and phpBB.

With WP I'd install Wordfence or Sucuri, and scan the site.


Hope it helps!

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