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Unable to upload themes for WordPress

i am unable to upload wordpress themes. Would anybody tell me how and why  it doesn't work?

Advocate VI

There is an attachment but it does not show a picture. Was there supposed to be a screenshot? Can you try uploading that again?


Advocate VII

Hi @vutthy,


How large is your theme?  If its larger that the allowed upload size you may need to install a plugin like "upload larger plugins".  While most themes have actually become smaller for installation with demos being installed server-to-server, others have really ballooned in size by including demos.


This plugin actually works for any file being uploaded to wp.


Hope this helps,


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this didn't work for me, unfortunately.


i have an erorr when i upload them:

"are you sure you want to do this"Capture.JPG

Same issue here.

Any screenshots of the error while trying to upload the content? 


Also try to do this via FTP, if the theme was purchased there should be some instructions on how to best do so. 

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Hi All!


Good idea on the screenshot.  The most common issue that I've noted when I see this dialogue box is that the theme/plugin .zip file is actually in a folder within the .zip file is downloaded with the purchase.  In other words a zip within a zip.   Check this.  If not the solution, definitely check with the theme/plugin supplier.


Also, check your resources available to the wp installation.  There are HUGE difference is theme and plugin resources dependent upon the author!


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites